FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Oneota Cemetery Rules & Regulations
What are my memorial property choices?

Oneota offers options for cremation or traditional burial. Burial options include individual lots, double lots, or family lots. We also offer our above ground columbariums for cremated remains. For more information, please call 218-624-1932 or view our Burial and Memorial page.

Do you sell markers and headstones?

No we don’t, but we have relationships with a number of companies that provide that service. We’d be happy to provide you with a referral.

What are burial vaults and grave boxes?

A grave box or burial vault is an outside container that the casket is placed in. Outside containers prevent the ground from collapsing around the grave. Boxes or vaults are designed to protect the casket and constructed of a variety of materials including concrete, steel, copper, or bronze. A grave vault has a liner and a seal while a grave box does not.

Why do I have to use a vault? Is it required by law?

Minnesota state law does not require a burial box or vault. However Oneota Cemetery does require an outside box or vault to prevent the collapsing of the ground around the grave. This gives the ground a more even appearance and helps reduce the chance of accidents to cemetery visitors due to sunken ground.

Do you sell vaults?

Yes, burial vaults and grave boxes are available for purchase at Oneota Cemetery. We have several designs from which to choose. Concrete grave boxes, which also meet the minimum requirements at Oneota, may also be purchased at a very competitive price. Financing is available and all proceeds from the sales of vaults are used to maintain Oneota’s grounds and facilities.

How much do graves cost?

Grave prices can vary by the section in which the grave is located, by type, or whether the lot is single, double or family sized. Contact Oneota more about each option.

Do you offer grave site maintenance?

Grave maintenance such as filling and grass cutting is considered normal upkeep and is included in the cost of burial sites. Memorials are considered personal property and as a courtesy service, minor adjustments are free of charge. More extensive maintenance on memorials such as cleaning can be arranged for a small fee.

Can we bury cremains in a traditional grave?

Yes. There are a variety options. Cremains may be buried in a traditional plot or in one of our above ground columbariums. Contact us to learn more about the options available.

We have unused sites in our family plot. Can we use the vacant site?

Yes with provisions. Unused sites pass through the family in a predetermined order set by the State of Minnesota. A trust conveyance giving use rights can usually be arranged by the cemetery for a small fee.

What types of flowers/decorations are allowed?

The types of flowers and decorations allowed varies by season. We do allow fresh cut flowers and baskets but they must be in appropriate containers. Artificial flowers and decorations (spinners, crosses, angels, lights, etc.) are only permitted from Memorial Day through June 10th. Please refer to our guide on Grave Decorations and Regulations.

Are watering services available?

Yes, watering services are available for grave baskets for a nominal fee. Contact our office for pricing and availability.