About Oneota

People from all walks of life have chosen Oneota Cemetery as their final resting place. Since it’s inception, Oneota has been open to all races and creeds. That spirit combined with the unique natural beauty of the property, makes Oneota Cemetery a peaceful and reflective experience. It has long been the mission of Oneota Cemetery to serve the families of the northland with kindness and dignity.


Oneota Cemetery Association has long been considered one of the outstanding cemeteries in the area. Chartered in 1885 as a non-profit, non-sectarian organization, governed by a board of trustees who are dedicated to making this a dignified resting place operated solely in the interest of the lot owners. The cemetery covers over 100 acres of landscaped hillside overlooking the St. Louis River basin of Western Duluth.

The Western Skyline Parkway is the northern border of the cemetery where the historic soldiers rest and many of the pioneer families of Northern Minnesota are interred.

Grave Decorations and Regulations

Oneota Cemetery allows a wide variety of options for decorating graves and honoring your loved ones. Please refer to the following guidelines when choosing your decorations. Items that do not meet our regulations will be removed.

  • Baskets must be a standard size of 2 feet by 1 foot, weigh no more than 25 pounds and have 4 legs and 2 handles.
  • Baskets allowed from Memorial Day through September 15th.
  • A basket must be filled with live plants only.
  • Baskets will be moved every 10-14 days for mowing.
  • Please do not rearrange baskets.
  • One basket per family lot.
  • Fresh cut flowers are allowed in approved containers only.
  • Glass jars and other breakable containers are not approved containers. This type is easily breakable and can be injurious to both employees and visitors.
  • Artificial flowers, decorations (spinners, crosses, angels, lights etc.), and potted plants are permitted from Memorial Day through June 10th only.